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Martinez Guitars The CROSSOVER series Martinez Stage-Pro Zebra wood custom Natural
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Martinez Stage-Pro (Cross-over) Zebra wood Custom Series is the latest stage cross-over nylon strings guitar, it is a thin body with 24 frets & Fishman premium Presys + is your best gear on stage.
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Crossover guitars have comfortable mid-size neck between acoustic guitar's neck and classic guitar' neck with radius 15" at neck fretboard / fretwires, nut width 48 mm which is 4 - 5 mm narrower than typical standard classic guitars. The guitar has its custom made wooden hard-case leather like with dark red interior thick padded velvet, the case comes with locks.

This cross-over guitar could probably the only one available in the market with 24 frets which represent the only nylon strings thin-body EQ guitar capable to address 3 full octaves in a single piece of guitar arts.

The neck fret-board's radius combine with low action nylon strings makes the cross-over guitars the guitar choice for classical players who wants to play popular songs finger-style plucking in a comfortable neck or for acoustic players who wants to get the warm, clean, innocent & sweet tones of nylon strings guitar but can't take the clumsy wide neck of Spanish classic guitars ... the answer is to consider the Martinez Stage-Pro as your final choice !

The problem of a traditional classical guitars sound hole as we see in many Torres classic guitar template that the hole at the sound-board center is somehow too much occupaying the valuable area of sound-board top. Besides the pure classical guitar architecture are designed to produce as much as possible acoustic wave propagation & amplification via sound board chamber toward the centre sound hole. Pure classic guitars must produce balance output of both the clear trebles, mid-tones clarity & punchy, sustain low bass frequency. As classical guitarist relies so much of their finger's nails & fingers plucking technique, by and large the louder output are the more desired one, as such typical classic guitars have 'bulky side thickness' approx 4 inches up to 10.5 CM in order to generate more generous volume & projection. This typical size traits of 'bulky' classic guitars very much upset the electric guitarist who get used to play with the thin Fender Stratocaster solid body but want the nylon strings guitars sounds in her/his repertoire.

The Stage-Pro thin body cross-ver guitar solved those issues by removing the traditional 4" round centre sound-hole with an oval shape hole at the upper side location and a slit and narrowly modern looking sound hole at the end of neck. These 2 sound holes design allows more area of the spruce top doing acoustic resonance toward both the sound holes. While you play theStage-Pro on your lap, you will feel great deal of resonance at comfortable thin shape body. By doing this radical sound holes shifting, allow the design to cut down the thickness from 10.5 CM down to 7 CM without sacrificing too much on the volume & it's projection capabilities.

The selected zebra woods are all solid timber wood with gorgeous grains and generous modern Venice cut-away to ensure your level playing field are on the same page with typical electric or acoustic cutaway guitars. More woody  & warm and full round tones suitable for bosanova, jazz and pop music, eventhough it has thin-body but the bass resonance & the mid and high-tones quality are superb with elegant clean overall nylon strings.

The balance & natural EQ.

The Stage-Pro guitars comes with Fishman Presys Blend, Active Equalizer with built-in digital tuner & blending between a super sensitive piezzo electric pick-up under the bone saddle and inner-side microphone. There is mic blend knob potentiometer to decide position that you desire. Thus ensuring your live gigs on stage are as natural tones as possible (not too trebly with Piezzo Pick up or too boomy with microphone) at its peak performance. There is notch filter feature

The all solid Stage-Pro cross over guitar will be better over time as the woods get more season.

Luthier Guitar is the sole distributor of Martinez Guitars, we recommend you to restring with Hannabach, Savarez or Sevilla for better quality tones
Model no Cross-over all solid Zebra woods 
Series Stage-Pro 
Color variant Gloss Natural 
Top solid zebra wood  (with neck slit sound hole)
Back/side solid zebra wood  (with side sound-port)
Cutaway/Full body venetian cutaway  
Finish HG (High Gloss)
Features built-in Tuner
Notch Filter
Under saddle Piezzo Electric PU

Output Jack 1/4” JACK
F-board wood
No of frets
Position marks
Tap Plate/Golpador None
Head machines Custom gold chrome 
Head machines  
Body binding triple or dual linings, rosewood bindings 
Nut & Saddle Bone
Est. Weight incl packing (Kg)  
Est. Weight incl packing (Kg)  
  • " the thin body practically minimize all potential negative feedback with the stage amplification system ...."
  • " surprisingly deep, powerful resonance, enhance clarity with this zebra wood "
Martinez Guitars The CROSSOVER series , Martinez Stage-Pro Zebra wood custom , Natural , Gloss
Martinez Stage-Pro Zebra wood custom
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