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Alhambra (Spain) Guitars Solid Top Classic Student Series 1C (2011 old version) discontinued model Old2011production
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The Alhambra model 1C with the old gold sticker on head-stock is an obsolete model, it was discontinued from factory since Dec. 2011
Although looks a little bit out-dated (with square gold paper sticker, old label, old fashion 3 non scalloped top bracing), this is still the old style of Alhambra 1C since pre year 2011 ! solid red cedar, mahogany back/side, single maple binding at top with the simplest 3 top bracing no scallop, no quarter sawn, a basic model with basic standard. This model has typical loud and boxy tones which then was enhanced in the New Spirit model 1C.
Please check our New Spirit model 1C
AVAILABILITY : No Stock, all were sold out. We do not intend to order this old model as the new spirit model 1C available since March 2012.
However it maybe orderable latest by this March 2013 as Alhambra' factory may have stock left-over in hand from old Dec. 2011 production date.
Note : We also have the new 2012 version of model 1C (pls check the new version pictures & see the differences) that offers the fresh looks with most updated design version of this beginner model.
We are taking orders from local schools, the visitors from neighbouring countries and walk-in clienteles. The 1C is the right choice for beginners who want to get their first taste of a Spain made guitar.
Model 1C is a simple Spain classic guitar, inner top bracing is 3 fins Torres style bracing, enabling maximal fibration of the guitar top when you pluck any strings. The simple 3 fins bracings have super light advantages on the top, easier of manufacturing process allow the guitar sound hole to project the sound as much as possible without too many burden on the top. The plus point, the sound output is so loud, the disadvantage factors are : due to low entry model, every notes are produced loudly but somehow maybe a little bit lack of character and producing ringing notes at higher than fret 12 position maybe a challange for simple 3 fins bracings architecture. The trade off is lower price point, the most value for money Spain made guitar is here !. 
If you look for a more refine all round tone character with enough ample of head-room for your classic tone coloring then it is time to skip this model 1C and jump to my guitar anatomy analyses belong to Alhambra model 4P A (new 2012 solid spruce top).
However, the 1C do a good job for beginners at this price tag.
Who is Alhambra S.L ?
Manufacturas Alhambra was founded in 1965 from an original small guitar workshop located in the town. From the very beginning it was always our policy to combine the highest standard of craftsmanship with the latest advancements in technology to produce the finest quality instruments.
We have given special priority to our research department where all ideas and projects are developed. Manned by highly qualified staff, it has enabled us to produce the top models for our range which today is considered second to none. Finally, with the coordination of our production director and our specialized craftsman, The results of these investigations are applied to our basic guitars.
Although modern technology is an important part of our production technique, all our instruments are built in the traditional spanish way
The reward for our endeavors is the acknowledgement that Alhambra guitars enjoy a deservedly worldwide reputation of outstanding quality
Before purchase please read the Alhambra Warranty term & condition (click below) :
Luthier Guitar Centre is the Alhambra distributor in Singapore. Our goals is to present this guitars in fresh condition when you purchased it from our shops, Please try this and a few other models in both of our guitars shop outlets
Model no 1C
Series Solid Top series
Color variant Cedar Natural
Top Solid Cedar
Back/side Mahogany
Cutaway/Full body Full Body, nut - saddle = 650MM
Finish HG (High Gloss)
F-board wood
No of frets
Position marks
Rosewood / 19
Tap Plate/Golpador None
Head machines Nickel Plated
Body binding On top
Nut & Saddle Bone
Est. Weight incl packing (Kg) 5 Kg with hard-case, 2 Kg with guitar bag
  • You can bet your money for this lowest Alhambra model made-in Spain, if you are a beginner, you may expect this model to stay with you for some years patiently facilitating your daily practices correctly
  • A compromise between affordability & quality of Spain workmanship, Alhambra did a very good job on materials selection & proven but simple symmetrical 3 fan bracing method
Alhambra (Spain) Guitars Solid Top Classic Student Series , 1C (2011 old version) discontinued model , Old2011production , Natural
1C (2011 old version) discontinued model
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