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Randall Guitar Amplifiers George Lynch Series LB-15 15 watt George Lynch signature amp Int. Practice Amp
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LB-15 is a 15W practice amp and it is one of Randall's George Lynch Signature Series.
Due to overwhelming 2011 - 2012 response & we maintain the momentum of Singapore hot response to George Lynch guitarist legend, we brought in new 2013 stock of model LB-15 (George Lynch signature practice amp) 
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For a signature amps, it is a STEAL PRICE, it was NEVER BEFORE and it will NEVER AGAIN attitude .... while our limited current LB-15 stock last, THE CHOICE IS YOURS
George Lynch Bio

With a career that spans nearly 30 years, George is one of a long line of guitarists to come from the California hard rock world. But one distinction that separates him from the rest of the pack is that he remains to be musically relevant. For some, success was fleeting but none have left their indelible mark like Lynch has. He has survived the shortcomings of the tangled music business and the changing tides in musical trends.

George Lynch was born on September 28, 1954 in Spokane, WA. and raised in northern California. He began learning to play guitar at the age of 10 and throughout his teenage years, performed in several bands out of the Sacramento, Ca. area before re-locating to the Los Angeles area. In the 1970s L.A. rock music scene, George was in two notable bands, the Boyz and Xciter which brought George to the spotlight during this blossoming L.A. scene.

Playing the L.A. club circuit garnered a large following for Lynch as a guitarist and it was clear that he was already taking the necessary steps that would lead him to success in the 1980s.

He had become a product of Jimi Hendrix and Jeff Beck and was already beginning to reach for the outer limits of his guitar playing. Though the crowd of guitar gunslingers was led by Edward Van Halen and Randy Rhoads, Lynch was never in their shadow as the years would come to prove. His rise to prominence came when he joined Dokken and toured relentlessly throughout much of the decade.

Much of Dokken's success is credited to George Lynch's guitarmanship and songwriting. He recorded five highly successful albums from 1983 to 1988 with that band to propel him as one of the most influential rock guitarists in modern music. Another distinction that separates him from others of this genre is that his guitar playing earned Dokken a Grammy nomination in 1989 for Best Rock Instrumental. Even Van Halen had yet to receive any nomination at this time.

George's tenure with Dokken ended in 1989 and he was set to begin again. With the new decade came a different George Lynch in the 1990s. A bolder stylist and more knowledgeable guitarist was found in him, as he formed the band Lynch Mob. Recording two albums with this band, and going back on the road to support them kept Lynch in the public eye. But he was yearning for a further approach to the guitar. While still promoting his work with Lynch Mob, he began work on a solo endeavor titled, "Sacred Groove" which demonstrated George’s capacity to display different musical and guitar styles.

Several solo albums and studio recordings then followed that conveyed a wide variety of styles that ranged from experimental rap metal to mainstream pop to old school blues. George’s eclectic guitar playing style led him to the acclaimed CD “Wicked Underground,” a collaboration with former Dokken bandmate, Jeff Pilson in 2003. During this time, George’s yearly touring regimen brought him in front of audiences performing all the hits of his storied career. Newer younger fans stood alongside the older fans at Lynch concerts only to see that George has always been at the top of his game.

George will always be creatively busy while constantly evolving as a musician. He has moved away from the corporate structure of the music biz and has become internally incorporated, maintaining creative control of his music and the business of his music. As George continues to broaden his musical scope, he will always continue to influence fans for years to come.
Model no LB-15
Series Randall's George Lynch Signature Series, Practice Amp
Preamp Channel 2 Channels : Clean & Overdrive with boost
EQ Controls 3 band EQ : Treble/Mid/Bass
Power Amp type Solid-State COMBO
Output Power 15 Watt
Power Section 22W Power consumption
Speaker diameter (inch) 6.5" Randall Jaguar speaker 
Headphone Jack Yes 
Other Features Stere CD Jack input 
Est. Weight incl packing (Kg) 9
Est. Dimension (inches) 13.5 x 14.5 x 9 inches, incl packaging 
Dimension+Packing (cbm)  
  • An XM-STD2 customer bought in a pair with LB-15 George Lynch practice amp, within 3 weeks, his journey into hard-rock finger licking style resulted his band performance was shortlisted into final on his Poly competition ..... what a relief on his investment which can only be done with the right attitude during practice
Randall Guitar Amplifiers George Lynch Series , LB-15 15 watt George Lynch signature amp , Int. Practice Amp , Bk/Lynch
LB-15 15 watt George Lynch signature amp
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