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Washburn Electric Guitars, Sgp RX Series (double cutaway asymetrical) RX-50 Washburn 2H-2H Flame Black Sunburst
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Model : RX-50, Washburn RX-50 Series (new) is available in 2 colors, the FBSB & FVSB, it is the ultimate premium model of the entire RX Series, since it was issued in 2011 after taking a few decades of Washburn's veryown R&D experience to finally came-up with cutting-edge design which simply said : the awesome one !
Select the right color code(s) pull down menu when you pick it into your shopping cart, there are 2 available colors.
Traditional meets contemporary - the new Washburn RX series will inspire you to take your playing to the next level. With their traditional double cutaway design (similar to but not exactly the same with Nuno double cut-away model and equally have generous low cutting), contemporary asymmetrical lower bouts makes it appear outstanding & light to medium weight which is my favourite guitar. All models have the maple necks with rosewood fingerboards, cutting edge modern Head Stock (split level curvy design is gorgeous & fresh looking) and certain models come with string thru bridges (model 12, 22, 30, 40, 50), the model RX-10 & RX-20 with traditional tremolo bridge (like the StratsTM, we spare you RX-10 & RX-20 for those crazy & die-hard fans of StratsTM copy) and model 25 with FloydRoseTM floating bridge. These new Washburn RX series guitars deliver all of the tools you need to play any genre of music and explore new levels of tone.
The RX Series = VERSATILE instruments with all kind options to satisfy wide range of music-genre.
Which RX is mine ?
(1) Consider which type of bridge does fit with your playing style ?
(2) Which pick-ups configuration satisfy your music type ? Those who love 1S-1S-2H with 5 Switch position configuration then should choose the RX-10 & RX-20 which have vintage tremolo bar, or Model RX-25 which offer you the radical FloydRose bridge and 1S-1S-2H. The 1S-1S-2H configuration is well known as the most versatile 5 different tones combination all together. The rest simply put will blow you out with the Randall 2H-2H pick-ups coils and 3 Switch position are surely your choice if you are in Hard Rock up to modern Metal music. 
(3) For those who care about the quality of tones sustain, the Mahogany solid body will resonate at their best level with high quality Duncan USM Hambuckings Pick Ups will never get you upset in your gigs, so select RX-40 or RX-50 only in this case. The rest of below models come with solid Basswood body.
(4) Do you like the feeling of Set-Neck system ? beside it offers you the most stable neck and the kind of overall feeling when you play, then the RX-50 is on top of the world - your best choice because the rest lower models are with Bolt-On system. With this summary, I am sure you can pick which one is yours, right now !
What is Duncan USM Pick-ups ?
Seymour Duncan licensed design to Washburn's factory to re-produce the world leading signature tones of the Seymour Duncan. Please check the picture of the awesome Duncan USM pick-ups. The Duncan USM dual hambucking PickUps are the standard PU for RX-30, RX-40 & RX-50, it ensures high sensitivity, transparent screeching high trebles and very responsive low bass tones. This pick-up is very suitable for any classic and modern Rock to the very demanding Heavy Metal guitarist.
Notes :
Luthier Guitar Centre is Washburn Guitars' distributor in Singapore, we proudly launch the new Washburn RX Series electric guitars, all 10 different colors / configuration available for your review & tested. The RX Series traditional meets contemporary is Washburn's authentic veryown signature shapes which are making it's debut & well accepted among young guitarist and widely endorsed by many lead guitarist around the world from Blues, Country, Classic Rock to modern Metal.
Please check these models & test drive at your convenient at both outlets Orchard Plaza #03-11 (Sommerset MRT - 313 - Orchard Central - Orchard Plaza) and Bt. Timah Plaza #02-07 (opposite Ngee Ann Polytechnic campus). You will have our full local support when you join the club of Washburn RX owners. We recommend RANDALL RX-25DMI (25Watt solid state combo amp with built-in digital effects) or RX-75 (75Watt more powerful amps) with serial send & return loop to pair with these awesome RX Series guitars. Please try our recipe ...
Model no RX-50
Series RX Series
Color variant FBSB (Flame top, Black Sun Burst color) & FVSB (Flame top, Vintage Sun Burst)
Finish High Gloss
Body Mahogany - Flame Maple Veneer
Neck Maple
shaped Double Cutaway
Neck joint type Set-neck 
Fingerboard Rosewood
Pick Ups & Switch Dual Hambucking : Duncan USM X 2 , 3 position Switch
Washburn Electric Guitars, Sgp RX Series (double cutaway asymetrical) , RX-50 Washburn 2H-2H , Flame Black Sunburst , FBSB
RX-50 Washburn 2H-2H
SGD 875.00
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