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Corona guitars NEX Cutaway size Corona SLA70 NEX body acoustic guitar Satin
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Folk (NEX body) Cutaway size, Open Pore satin finish

Corona is a new leading brand which rapidly gaining acoustic guitar’s beginners to mid-range market made a milestone impact here in Singapore.
The “Corona” guitars as in its brand’s meaning … ( corona = a circle or envelope of light seen round the sun due to diffraction by water droplets) promise rich aura of woody acoustic tones with versatile materials & looks at budget cost for serious learners.
Please click YouTube video below to hear the sound of Corona NEX cutaway body, solo guitar for Spectre theme song : "writing's on the wall" by Sam Smith

The SLA-70’s overall feels & handling experience
Back in late ‘70s where folk size bodies were flooding the country music records which put acoustic folk guitars in the corner spot of its fingerstyle plucking riff, this was the golden era of folk acoustic guitars which is represented in model SLA-70 here.
Typical Folk size has a full-size 39.5” (100.30 cm) length which is suitable for female or petite-adult, it is slightly 3cm shorter than a full standard Dreadnought length size. Even though it has full size 65cm nut to saddle but the upper bout (29 cm), lower bout (38.4 cm), body thickness (9cm upper, 10cm bottom) are offering much overall shape reduction than the more bulky dreadnought body.
The nut width = 1.7” (4.2 cm) with standard industry strings spacing leaving enough spacing for a fingerstyle players for a balance, clear & full round sound of a popular Folk size guitar. The upper body thickness = 9 cm, lower body thickness = 10 cm with cut-away style is indeed a fingerstyle acoustic guitar that rock all music genre.
In short, a finger-style cutaway folk size guitar which makes balance, well defined mid-range for finger-style plucking in full round impact tones. It is a perfect companion for all musicians.

Unique bridge design for enhance tones
All Corona’s bridge is designed to have stiffer string’s angle on saddle by positioning the end-pins at the lower level area on the bridge (the so called it as split levels bridge design). The higher the strings pressure level on the saddle will enhance its tone clarity when the player plucks the strings. The saddle is made of cow bone material to pass more natural acoustic sound while enhancing its clarity.

Unique looks & versatile wood selection
We believe in simple & tidy looks design principle, we choose only passed grade of timber materials (see the macro pictures of wood-grains quality) and precision workmanship which executed well under our factory’s professional procedure. The satin finish open pores finish allows the wood to breathe normally & reaching earlier in its seasoning stage over period of time.

Unique Value Proposition
Corona SLA-70 offers rich acoustic & loud resonance for Folk size guitar, comparable woods specification & workmanship quality to Takamine NEX Cutaway, Ibanez AEL & AEW models at lower cost. You will agree after you test this model at our outlets.

Luthier Guitar Centre proudly presents “Corona” guitars, we encourage you to test each models and give us your feedback before you will make a purchase.
Model no SLA70 
Series FOLK CUTAWAY  (NEX body cutaway)
Color variant SATIN OPEN PORE 
Back/side MAHOGANY 
Cutaway/Full body FULL 
Finish SATIN
Brand None 
Features NONE
Output Jack NONE
F-board wood
No of frets
Position marks
Pick-guard None
Body binding NONE 
Nut & Saddle TUS-Q
Est. Weight incl packing (Kg)  
light weight, compact in size, it sits nicely on your lap and perfect choice for beginners because this guitar won't hurt my fingers, the shop had set up & adjust the action into low strings action for me .... I am very happy to pay the price
Corona guitars NEX Cutaway size , Corona SLA70 NEX body acoustic guitar , Satin , Natural
Corona SLA70 NEX body acoustic guitar
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