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Antonio Picado (Spain) Guitars Concierto (new) DT Picado Double Top (Sp) Jacaranda de Brazil (body) SuperGloss
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We are launching the new Antonio Picado (Spain) with Double Top (DT) Concierto model, with Cites document that certified the Brazilian Rosewood (Jacaranda de Brazil or Dalbergia Negra) was acquired before 1992 from the Spain Trade Industry CITES certification.

OPEN FOR BOOKING : call +65 67330400, send email to [email protected]
Here the sound of this guitar, Chaconne (J.S.Bach 1685 - 1750)

ARRIVAL in 2015, full hand-made of Spain.
This master piece are made of all solid wood by Mr. Antonio & Mr. Angel Picado who made a double top version for us which in my short-wording, it's sound exceeds my expectation.

Mr. Antonio dedicates his life for his high quality classic guitar making. The Picado' Concierto guitar is well known for it's perfect neck shape, comfortable, super-thin, semi-D neck shape, effortless to play at low set-up strings position relative to fret-board. Mr. Antonio always made fretting height pointing with imaginary line around the lower part of saddle, it makes this guitar's default angle easy to play and delivers powerful sounds output. One the best luthier who always made his guitar with the best fretting quality, zero intonation problem, all notes are ringing with no exception, no death note even in higher than 14 fret position.
Year after year, this guitar can only be better because with carefully dried-off all solid woods (CITES document certified the Brazilian Rosewood obtained before 1992), this timber for guitar production  in Feb 2015, it has been seasoned for more than 23 years in Spain !! , a solid reason for it's stability & quality of sound. The Ebony fretboard with Ebony neck insert strengthened the neck for a stable neck, with upgraded tuning head machines gold chrome high precision quality.
The Concierto' Double-Top & Sound-board Bracing pattern
Antonio Picado is well known of his signature balance sound over his guitars, every strings have uniform acoustic amplitude when it is plucked with the same energy, thus easier for the player to control the tones.
The Double Top (D.T) produces meaty overtone, deeper resonance, louder and longer sustain than the single top version. There is some up-charge cost for the DT version.
He uses 9 paraLlel symmetrical bracing plus 2 transversal tone bars at the left & right lower top. There are 2 side bars toward the left and right side of the sound-hole beside of the traditional upper & lower bars relative to sound-hole. The 9 + 2 bracing bars that are scalloped nicely to lighten overall weight.

The Concierto DT with Solid German Spruce top, Solid Brazilian Rosewood back/side
The wood's authenticity endorsed by the 2015 CITES export document (issued by the Barcelona Spain, the ministry of industry trade document that regulates the import and export of endanger wood species) that this guitar genuinely use the Dalbergia Nigra or well known as Jacaranda de Brazil or in English is Brazillian Rosewood. (it is not the same with commonly said Amazon Rosewood). The music industry believe, the Jacaranda de Brazil trees are banned for new harvest, not only are highly protected by Brazil government but it's export-import movement are highly controlled. We believe only those who has the holding power of the old-Jacaranda de Brazil-stock who can produce with very limited production quantity.
Please check the high resolution pictures, meticulously well built by hand, the Brazillian Rosewood have absolutely gorgeous multi-color streaks contrast ranging from yellow, purplish, pinkish, green, brown, dark brown, slight orange and black intertwine grains. Enjoy the piece of natural reserve in your most beautiful made hand-made guitar, surely the value will multi folds in the near future.

The beautiful light color of German Spruce top, combine with original dark brown Rosette style of Picado, the rosewood bindings, the lining and the very pretty Jacaranda de Brazil wood-grains make up a high taste of the art of guitar luthier's jobs.
Luthier Guitar Centre proudly presents this models as and when we have our reservation stock and we carefully selected our raw materials before production while storage these exotic guitar safely in our climate for you.
inquiry for future booking to [email protected]
Cutaway/Full body FULL
Finish HG (High Gloss)
F-board wood
No of frets
Position marks
Tap Plate/Golpador NONE
Head machines GOLD CHROME
Body binding ROSEWOOD
Nut & Saddle BONE
Est. Weight incl packing (Kg)  
Est. Weight incl packing (Kg)  
Quoted from mr Ho : " absolute clarity with deep resonance, allow this guitar ringing while delivers very good sustain, I am very happy with both sound and cosmetic of this special piece ! "
Antonio Picado (Spain) Guitars Concierto (new) DT , Picado Double Top (Sp) Jacaranda de Brazil (body) , SuperGloss , Natural
Picado Double Top (Sp) Jacaranda de Brazil (body)
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