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Alhambra (Spain) Guitars Satin finish Series Z nature Satin
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Model : Nature OP
the Alhambra model Nature OP with natural satin finish and minimalist appointment!/photo.php?fbid=673324842731059&set=pcb.673325149397695&type=1&theater
These past shipments have remarkable good acceptance, the following are possible reasons:
  • Simplicity
           minimalist design, strictly natural beauty with no excessive cosmeticl
  • Tidy
           all  joints, gluing, wood cutting under natural satin finish do not give any tolerant for workmanship flaws, it is a tidy made guitar
  • Loud 
           light design with very loud & sensitive output
That is the model's characters which was carefully designed since a year before its first production by the expert of Alhambra Spain. I cited from Alhambra's manager, the model Z production process received completely rigorous review from past 50 years experiences. The Alhambra team reduce duplicative steps, simplifying proceses in order to improve the sound output quality at reduce overall supply chain production cost. It sounds blending between best practices in world class supply chain optimization and traditional guitarras artesanas (the artisan Spain classic workshop tradition) so the result is Z nature model.
Please note : Alhambra team did not cut materials quality or compromise sound in order to cut the cost for cheaper selling price. We did this with the hope to constantly win our clientele's heart and as another proof after proof that we constantly making new innovative approach to make better guitars at reasonable or cheaper price.
Target market segment :
We want to offer beginners (who can not play guitar at all) to start tasting "the correct Spain made guitar" in day one. The overall cost to purchase "wrong first guitar" could easily outweight the $ saving difference with this low price tag. This model is decent enough to take you through grade 5 ABRSM examination level without the need to upgrade your wrong first guitar with a better one later (means you must lost money to sell the first guitar). Meanwhile you can train your hearing, music, practice capability with a correct Spain made guitar since day one, you will achieve faster progress, less training cost in shorter time for sure.
Learning music is not about saving cost or tried to buy as cheap as possible first guitar with wrong sound, substandard tones, intonation problem, tuning problems, lack of projection but reproducing gorgeous classical music which we adore forever.
Those who are considering to buy increasingly more expensive China & Indonesian made classic guitars as their first guitar must spare your time to take a look & consider this model before you will make the final purchase decision. This model is a no regret choice, a safe choice for all beginners.
The satin open pores thin finish allow the woods vibrate & breath as much as the music wants it. The satin natural finish insist of tidy workmanship, no room for wood crafting mistakes ... every little things, the joints, the gluing, the sanding ... must be perfectly done flawlessly, you can't hide wood chip-off with wood filler & put on gloss finish to cover-up the worker's negligence in this case.
Thumbs up to Alhambra team who met good quality guitar at low cost guitar
The "A" logo at head stock to maintain its Alhambra brand identity on almost bare satin head-stock woods, simple Head stock style, simple & accurate chrome head machines, single maple wood top binding are simple features that enhance its natural beauty.
The model Z has light top design, allows maximal vibration with excellent overall projection.
Value for money model !
Luthier Guitar Centre is the Alhambra international authorize dealer , we constantly introduce state of the art guitars, value for money options for the right audience.
Call us at +65 67330400 & 64666835 to book your first classic guitar right here. 
Model no NatureOP 
Back/side SAPELE 
Cutaway/Full body FULL 
F-board wood
No of frets
Position marks
Tap Plate/Golpador None
Head machines  
Body binding MAPLE 
Nut & Saddle BONE
Est. Weight excl packing (Kg) 1.2 Kg 
Est. Weight incl packing (Kg)  
  • The best value for money beginners Spain made guitar is finally here
  • The best choice for beginners who plan to take serious lesson
  • The safest choice for those who know nothing about buying a correct first guitar
  • The no : 1 choice of many guitar teachers who wanted their students to start with the correct guitar from day one hence simplfied the teaching process for greater result for every stake holders
Alhambra (Spain) Guitars Satin finish Series , Z nature , Satin , Natural
Z nature
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