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Esteve Spain Caviuna Signature Series Manuel Adalid Caviuna Signature model Gloss
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MANUEL ADALID Caviuna signature model
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Mr. Manuel Adalid is the founder & chief luthier of ESTEVE S.L  Spain hand-crafted this Caviuna signature model by himself for Luthier Guitar Centre. This model is one of his hand-made guitar within concert series models. It has one of the best quality solid Cedar Top and exotic solid Caviuna timber for back/side, concert quality detail workmanship as you can see in the pictures.
".... check this signature series guitar, the caviuna exotic timber, get it test drive and check the current offer price ..... you will never go wrong to own this piece"
Serious classical guitarist love this model because of rich of harmonics, high clarity with depth of long sustain notes in all frequencies and a powerful sound output. The grandeur & iconic head-stock design adds on the exclusive looks of this guitar, it is normally the look & sound of hand-made guitars which cost double or above of this selling price.


Top : High grade Cedar (Cedrela Odorata)

Back/Side :
Caviuna or Pauferro (Caesalpina Ferrea)

Fret-board :
Ebony (Diospyros ebenum)

Binding :
Double Yellow linings on side - Rosewood binding – top purfling linings (contrasting to the caviuna side & cedar top color)

Braces style :
a-symmetrical 5 braces with 2 tails end braces, three bass braces & 2 treble braces (2 left and 3 right asymetrical) with a transversal middle brace for trebles control. All braces are quarter swan scallop brace spruce quality. The light top structure allow trebles swing very effortlessly and produce enough depth & transparent clarity with high harmonics sound. Middle down to bass frequencies are equally crystal clear with punchy sound and superb sustain. Overall are high quality Spanish guitar and balance sound.
Overall weight : 1.2 - 1.3 Kg only, a typical Valencia guitarras artesanas light weight Spain guitars.

Listen the clarity sound of Spain on this model now :
Song title : La Catedral (1st & 2nd movement), by Agustin Barios Mangore
About Caviuna (Pau Ferro / Brazilian iron-wood / Santos Rosewood / Bolivian Rosewood)
The Caviuna wood are similar in many ways to rosewood, pau ferro has slightly different tonal qualities, with coloration from coffee brown to yellow brown to reddish purple, sometime with many curvy grains making this species often as alternative to Rosewood. The heartwood has large colour variations from stem to stem are possible. Partly parallel grains pattern, partly intertwined (irregular twist occurring), fine pores, dispersed, highly decorative materials for back / side of classic guitars. A cheaper alternative to the endanger species Brazilian Rosewood

The natural habitat : Brazil up to Bolivian region (South America)
Esteve S.L chose the nicest Caviuna pieces and cut it at the center book matched back, the attached both sides tidily adding a dark central binding, making the back looks very elegant.

Manuel Adalid  Caviuna sound traits :
  • Trebles sound are very distinct with effortless high frequencies, hold its high notes in solid sustain with ample in-depth energy, meaty trebles, super clarity & ringing in every high notes are superb characteristic of expensive concert guitar.
  • Mid & low bass notes are equally super clear, meaty mid-range & hold its sustain as expected
  • The bass are warmth & delivers punchy notes to balance the higher frequencies
  • Overall traits : a balance guitar that delivers crisp, clear, hold the notes’ deep resonance with long sustain & sweet tones.

Scale : 650mm

Luthier Guitar Centre is Esteve's authorize international dealer, we have whole range of Esteve classic hand-made guitar from Alboraya,  ESPANA (SPAIN)
Model no Manuel Adalid 
Series Signature concert series 
Color variant gloss finish 
Top AAA Solid Cedar top 
Back/side AAA Solid Caviuna tonewood
Cutaway/Full body Full 
Finish HG (High Gloss)
F-board wood
No of frets
Position marks
Tap Plate/Golpador None
Head machines Gold Chrome 
Head machines  
Body binding Double Yellow linings, Rosewood binding, Top purfling decorative line 
Nut & Saddle Bone
Est. Weight incl packing (Kg)  
Est. Weight incl packing (Kg)  
  • concert classic guitar quality
  • distinctive clarity of sound
  • ability to hold the deep resonance treble's notes in a sustain time is amazing !
  • value for money concert guitar with excellent looks
Esteve Spain Caviuna Signature Series , Manuel Adalid Caviuna Signature model , Gloss , Natural
Manuel Adalid Caviuna Signature model
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