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Martinez Guitars Vintage 19th Century Classic guitar Cedar top CedarTop-Gloss
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The 19th-Century Cedar top Classic Guitar (with custom hard-case)
Introducing the all new 19th Century classic guitar replica available for purchase at reasonable price. Have you thought to recreate the vintage tones of late classic to early romantic era from the authentic recording of Mauro Guiliani, F. Sor up to pre-era of Miguel Llobet & Fansisco Tarrega's recording ? As much as our curiosity, the modern classic guitars sound different than the authentic 19th Century music recording which we heard from old recording. Why is that different ? It is about different instruments. As it is extremely rare to find a 19th Century guitars survive in playable condition today, it is once in a life time matter, we decided to recreate a new one for you. Now with this guitar you can recreate the vintage music. YES IT IS POSSIBLE & we made it possible for you.
Hear the sound of 19th Century replica guitar, click below :
(1) SONATE op.15 by Mauro Giuliani
(2) ADELITA by Fransisco Tarega
STATUS : SOLD OUT on 28 October 2013
(arrival date on 13 September 2013)

Please book your advance order  for future shipment (ph : 67330400) or you can test drive the Spruce top guitars at Orchard Plaza #03-11.
We are taking risk because our passion & we care the classic guitars music.
The replica of the 19th Century guitar is up to 95% accuracy from the original one.
We follow the 19th Century guitar's nut to saddle = 630mm scale, smaller body, low action strings, slim neck, hence makes it as a guitar that is very easy to play. The rosette is based on remake of the vintage multi circles rosette which was popular in 18xx to 1909. The head-stock is the style commonly built by the 19-century English luthiers who made this model during these era. The materials are selected from the woods & other parts that are close enough to the original guitar, for example : flame maple vintage head stock style, vintage neck hill joint style, diamond upper neck joint at nut, gold chrome with ebony buttons head machine. Special Timber selection : Bolivian Rosewood back/side with double linings & bindings, light color Cedar top and vintage bridge style. We crafted an exact replica 19th-century guitar with triple top linings, rosewood binding, yellow linings contrasting with the straight parallel grains & silky spruce top. The 1876 Head stock style is very distinctive shape and remains as an attractive head stock style in 2013.
The short history of the birth of 19th-Century classic guitars
Many belief the 19th-Century guitars during the romantic era with 6-strings style was the evolution of early classic era guitars which have only 5-strings with similar body shape. The 18th-Century guitars (pre 1750 era backward to Baroque / Renaissance era) was the natural evolution from Lute & Vihuelva music instruments which were popular during Renaissance up to Baroque era. Based on a few published books, the introduction of 6 strings were found in Italy, France & Spain in the late 18th Century from many famous luthiers like Lacote guitar (France luthier, it was played by Fernando Sor), Panormo (Britain), Fabricatore guitars (1799 with 6 strings).
The 19th Century guitars' prime era started in the late 18th Century (early classic era) up to the early years of 19th Century which then a bigger Antonio Torres guitars (played by F. Tarega) is taking over the popularity during the romantic classic era.
Based on multiple 19th Century guitars study, we believe the typical size of measurement as according to the below (the physical measurement of our replica).
  • Full length = 93.5 CM  (36.9 inches)
  • Upper Bout = 24.5 CM (9.75 inches)
  • Lower Bout = 32 CM (12.5 inches)
  • Waist = 18.5 CM (7.25 inches)
  • Body Thickness = 9.5 CM (3.75 inches)
  • Nut to Saddle = 630 MM (63 CM)
  • Nut width = 5 CM
  • Total frets = 18 fret
  • Top bracing : fan bracing
The myth & the truth about guitar size
There are many miss-conception of assuming the bigger the guitar body will produce louder sound. In contrary, the fact the bigger the body size the more strings' energy were absorbed by the body mass index. The violin luthiers believe that the amount of energy on strings (in this case, the bow and strings energy friction) which to be transfered to the small violin body dictate the amount of sound projection arrive to the audience' ear. Yes, violin is a louder instrument than guitar despite it's miniature size. The bigger guitar body like in the modern classic guitars are more or less a more powerfull bass instrument which most of the time easily over powering the mid & trebles. In certain extent, the modern guitars try to balance the bass volume by applying all kind of modern approach to boost the trebles output. In fact, the smaller size of 19th Century guitars with the smaller top area is an ideal size to work on the quality of trebles & mid tones. This guitar can produce good projection trebles, mid tones with high resonance clarity while delivers enough punchy low frequency bass. It is an extreemly balance instrument and a native instrument of those classic to romantic music era. Note : Pepe Romero ever played Lacote 19th Century guitar in front of a large audience in L.A, hence he proved the small size guitar is capable to project as loud as modern classic guitar.
There were so many beautiful & well written early classic up to romantic classic guitar music scores by top composers from Spain, Italy, Britain, France & other European composers, lets recreate the original vintage tones again in 2013. Yes, you can do it.
Luthier Guitar Centre is the Martinez guitars distributor, we proudly bring this special edition models to you and proved to you we constantly innovate & enhance our guitars from year to year in constant basis. Order this guitar now via on-line at and for better shipping quote please sent email detailing your shipping address with post code, we will search for the best air freight alternatives for you.                             
Model no 19th Century Cedar Top guitar 
Series Vintage Custom Shop 
Color variant Natural Gloss 
Top Cedar 
Back/side Bolivian Rosewood 
Cutaway/Full body Full 
Finish HG (High Gloss)
SG (Semi Gloss)
M (Matte)
F-board wood
No of frets
Position marks
Tap Plate/Golpador None
Head machines Gold Chrome 
Head machines  
Body binding Rosewood with linings 
Nut & Saddle Bone
Est. Weight incl packing (Kg)  
Est. Weight incl packing (Kg)  
  • 19th Century standard size is ideal for beginner, female & male players who love the authentic baroque up to classic / romantic classic music
  • This guitar shape is sold together with a custom size hard-case to protect your instrument, an additional soft padded bag of 3/4 or 7/8 sizes are suitable as additional top up charge
Martinez Guitars Vintage , 19th Century Classic guitar Cedar top , CedarTop-Gloss , Natural
19th Century Classic guitar Cedar top
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