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Norman Canada Guitars Folk OO acoustic guitars B18 FOLK Tobacco Burst TobaccoBurst
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Norman Guitar est. since 1972, original made in Canada

Back in early 50s … folk vintage guitars (or OO shapes) was a popular choice of a music instrument that shaped the music industry. Norman B18 Folk guitars features the similar to OO guitars with more finger style access with fret 14th neck joint, triple (hard-woods) wild cherry for back / side to ensure body’s resistance over possible weather changes, perfect grains naturally dried solid cedar top which delivers rich resonance & harmonics, warmer (than the equivalent B20 Folk with solid spruce top) tones and mellow sounds.
Over 47 years of guitars making, the Norman guitars have been perfecting every single process making especially the custom polish satin that is thin and durable and does not dampening the top resonance, a key features do not exist in others. All Norman guitars were handcrafted in La Patrie, Quebec Canada and each guitars were signed by the team of guitar’s builders in La Patrie workshop.

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Optional item
: TRIC FOLK / CLASSIC  hard-case is a proprietary light-weight & durable guitar hard-case by Godin Company (also available for dreadnought, folk & classic shapes). TRIC licensed the automotive industry' bumper materials, it is the lightest in weight, provide perfect insulation against fungus, humidity and completely safe for check-in the airport for travellers. The bumper materials does not absorb water / humidity into their TRIC cases instead perfectly ensure your guitar safely be kept away from high humidity.
Please witness yourself, B18 FOLK guitar inside a TRIC FOLK / CLASIC case and the total weight is not far different than carrying a thick padded guitar bag (light weight in total)
If only one smaller size acoustic guitar you want to have it with you, here are the top key reasons to choose Norman Folk guitars as your last one :

It is affordable and 100% hand-crafted in Quebec, Canada

The lutherie is a wood crafting music instruments making skills, it requires continuous improvement for each individuals perfecting their wood crafting skills in decades (10 years is not enough to be as the best maker) & highly turn-over staff in the guitar production factory is the last thing you want to do. In contrast to the typical 3rd world countries guitars factories (especially guitars made-in China), the Norman guitars workshop in La Patrie Quebec village have been employing many 2nd and 3rd generations staff from the same family members and turn-over is almost nil as they are family of Luthier who dedicate their lives in guitars making. As Norman guitars distributor, we see their product quality consistency in every different shipments. When the spec said A, they deliver A consistently, even the tobacco burst color remain the same across different years of making. In contrast, you hardly see the consistent quality conformance in the guitars made-in China, the main reason is those brands chose to work with multiple different OEM China guitars factories over a decade for many reasons, then you will see discontinuity of quality & sound conformance over different shipments in multi-years, we knew that because this is what we do everyday. However, this statement may not happen to certain high quality China brand that runs their own China made guitars factories who dedicate & follow international strict adherence in guitar making. In short message, we are not against China made guitars because there are a few factories that have acceptable quality consistency. But if you are not expert in this case, and you only need to buy 1 guitar in your life without burning your pocket then it is safe to buy any Norman guitars made in Canada.
It is not tiring to play, low action set up
First, we revalidate every Norman guitar set up before we will display it in our showrooms. If it requires, our shop assistant do the necessary local set up to ensure you can play it easily. Second, all Norman guitars (I think they are unique and the only one in this measurement) has shorter scale nut to saddle = 63CM. So every fret distance logarithmically are scaled down then you feel it easier to play. Third, the neck shape is thinner with C shape, another reason you can play this guitar for hours and less tiring compare to the rest.
Solid Tops and Custom Polished Finishes
The sound of an acoustic guitar depends on the vibration of the guitar's top. Solid tops are made from a very select grade of spruce or cedar harvested from trees more than 600 years old. The tight, straight grain in these woods makes them exceptionally strong in the direction of the grain and therefore able to withstand the string tension. At the same time, these handpicked tops are very flexible across the grain, which allows them to vibrate. A solid top instrument will produce richer sound, more harmonics, and better dynamic range. Virtually every aspect of the sound of a solid top guitar will be superior to that of a similar instrument with a plywood top.
Equally important to the selection of the guitar's top is the material used to finish it. The thick polyester finishes typically found in all but the most expensive guitars negates all of the potential benefit of a solid top instrument. This is why we spend several days applying a very special Custom Polished finish to every Norman guitar. This special finish encourages maximum vibration and therefore, excellent sound. Perhaps even more compelling than the great sound of a solid top guitar with a Custom Polished finish is its capacity to get even better sounding. This is called ageing. The best violins are generally instruments that date back more than a hundred years because these instruments have aged and have become even better sounding over time. The same phenomena exists in solid top guitars. But unlike the great violins, you will not have to wait several decades to hear your guitar at its best. The ageing process in your acoustic guitar begins as soon as you start playing.
Precision Neck Attachment and Integrated Set Neck
The angle of a guitar's neck attachment—often called 'neck pitch'— plays a crucial role in the instrument’s tone. Simply put, if the neck is too far back the guitar will lose its bass and sound tinny. On the other hand, if the neck angle is too far forward the guitar will lose its high frequency and sound muddy. The Norman neck attachment system ensures consistent neck pitch. It also produces the added bonus of superior neck/body energy transfer because the neck is attached to the body wood-to-wood. There is no glue or finish to impede the vibration between the heel of the neck and the guitar's body.

All Norman guitars also include the our Integrated Set Neck system, adding extra resistance and reinforcement to the crucial area where the body and top meet the neck. The Integrated Set Neck system allows for more consistent and stable action while significantly reducing warping and twisting of the neck, largely attributed to changes in climate. All models also feature compound curve tops, where the top is arched slightly in the area above the sound hole and levels out in the area around the bridge to further heighten the structural integrity and overall projection. Also, in combination with a compound curve top, the Integrated Set Neck system eliminates downward pressure from the fingerboard on the top.
Back & Sides
The body of an acoustic guitar works in a way similar to a speaker box. In this case the solidtop serves as the speaker and the back and sides play the part of speaker cabinet. The back and sides of Norman guitars are made from a three-layers wild-cherry wood. This special construction retains all of the properties of superior tonewoods and provides a solid foundation for the top. Other standard features on all Norman guitars include: high-ratio sealed tuning machines, real wood rosettes, double-action truss rods, custom Tusq nuts and fully compensated saddles by Graphtech
History of Norman Guitars:
The first Norman guitars were produced in the early 1970's by Godin guitars factories. In the last 40+ years, it is really a time-tested Norman's reputation for superb quality and excellent value has grown in a grassroots, word-of-mouth kind of way amongst musicians which has earned Norman guitars the distinction of ‘Canada's guitar'. This quiet, testimonial type of marketing has made it possible for us to invest back into the guitars themselves, creating one of the most technically sophisticated guitar building facilities in the world. Our state-of-the-art technology enables us to bring precision and consistency to our guitar crafting heritage which uses premium tonewoods to create truly world class guitars that carry the Norman name.

The B18 / Protege Series share the below traits :
  • Select Pressure Tested Solid Cedar Tops (guarantee sound & resonance consistency)
  • Integrated Set Necks (stable neck pitch)
  • FISHMAN PRESYS on-board preamp (vol., treble-mid-bass, tuner, phase)
  • Strings : CLEARTONE Phosphor Bronze, Light gauge (012-053) – arguably the best acoustic strings
  • Silver Leaf Maple Necks (beautiful wood native in Canada jungle)
  • 3-way laminated Wild Cherry back & sides (we don't use plywood lamination and it is more resistance against weather changes)
  • Custom Polished Finishes (thin, satin sheen & durable finish, guarantee full resonance)
  • 24.84" scale length (= 63 cm nut to saddle) a uniquely comfortable full-size guitars to play
  • Solid Indian Rosewood Fingerboard & Bridge
  • Double function Truss Rods
  • 16" fingerboard radius,
  • Tusq® nuts & saddles by Graphtech
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Luthier Guitar Centre is Norman Guitars Distributor, we ensure all Norman Guitars are in good condition when it is purchased by our clients.
Please check our Norman guitars collection in different body shapes : Folk, Mini-Jumbo, Dreadnought, OO.
Model no B18 FOLK 
Color variant TOBACCO BURST 
Cutaway/Full body FULL 
Brand N/A 
F-board wood
No of frets
Position marks
Pick-guard None
Head machines CHROME 
Body binding WHITE 
Nut & Saddle GRAPHTEC
Est. Weight incl packing (Kg)  
  • The best value for money of a hand crafted 100% in Canada, the vintage looking OO size guitar is here
Norman Canada Guitars Folk OO acoustic guitars , B18 FOLK Tobacco Burst , TobaccoBurst , Satin
B18 FOLK Tobacco Burst
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