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Alhambra (Spain) Guitars Cross over guitar CS3 CW E5 Crossover Nylon strings Acoustic Electric guitar GlossFinish
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The Alhambra Cross-over Series
Model : CS-CW-E5
CS = Cross-over Series
CW = Cut-aWay
E5 = Electronic pre-amp using the top quality for nylon strings acoustic pre-amps of the Fishman PREFIX PREMIUM BLEND

July 2013 has been a quiet month of this year after Hot Crazy Sales of June Holiday last month BUT the Alhambra CS3 CW series remains strong finding it's buyers, again the statistic has proved it ... a high value guitar never sits collecting dust in our showrooms !  another guarantee you will buy a fresh guitar from our outlets
Please be ready to be our next customer and check this out ... coming soon we will have them again arriving here in Singapore
For classical guitarist who familiar with Alhambra classic guitars or for the acoustic guitarist who wish to cross experience with nylon strings guitar but do not want to handle the wide & flat classic guitar's fretboard, here it is ... the best of both worlds choice is the Cross over Series by Alhambra S.L Spain.
The CS guitars sound as good as typical the Alhambra nylon strings classic guitars, loud, precise tones, high resonance, good projection at the body that is 1CM thinner than the standard classic guitars (9.5CM) with narrower neck width at nut = 48MM (instead of 52MM), fretboard / fret-wires with 16 inches radius. Available with CW and E5 high end Fishman Prefix Premium Blend version. The guitar shipped with Alhambra sound-hole cap which works well to prevent feedback when playing with amps. The CS guitars have unique designs and in conjunction with the New Spirit 2013, please check the next pictures that features distinctive Head-Stock design / logo, The sound-hole cap, The Rosette, the brilliant taste of Bridge wings design at this nylon strings acoustic / electric cut away guitars.
What is Fishman Prefix Premium Blend pre-amp ?
The Prefix Premium Blend features our acclaimed Acoustic Matrix under-saddle pick-up, onboard chromatic tuner, and a gooseneck-style internal microphone. To complement and contrast this pickup, our miniature gooseneck microphone captures the guitar’s elusive natural ambience and sound chamber resonance. Blend the pickup and the microphone together for a powerful and cohesive acoustic guitar tone that is deeper and more “filled out” than the sound of either the microphone or pickup alone. To complete the package, Fishman includes a phase switch and an adjustable notch filter, both essential for fighting feedback
Before purchase please read the Alhambra Warranty term & condition (click below) :
Luthier Guitar Centre  is the Alhambra Authorize Dealer
Please check our on-line store to find out more on the latest version of CS CW E5. In the beginning of 2013, we have shipped two batches of this model which were imported directly from Spain. We see the market responses positively on this model and there will be more clients to join the club : to vote for the cross over series guitars.
Model no CS CW E5 
Series Cross Over 
Color variant Natural Gloss 
Top Solid Cedar 
Back/side Solid Indian Rosewood 
Cutaway/Full body Cut-away, Ventian version 
Finish HG (High Gloss)
Features built-in Tuner
Notch Filter
Under saddle Piezzo
Internal goose-neck Microphone
Output Jack 1/4” jack
F-board wood
No of frets
Position marks
Tap Plate/Golpador None
Head machines Gold Chrome, Alhambra brand 
Head machines  
Body binding Mapple with dual lining bindings
Nut & Saddle Bone
Est. Weight incl packing (Kg)  
Est. Weight incl packing (Kg)  
  • a safe choice for both classic and acoustic guitarist
  • I am equally satisfied either in pure acoustic sound or using the electronic pick-up, this guitar and the pre-amp delivers natural, fuller with authentic acoustic chamber vibration tones out of the nylon strings acoustic guitar
Alhambra (Spain) Guitars Cross over guitar , CS3 CW E5 Crossover Nylon strings Acoustic Electric guitar , GlossFinish , Natural
CS3 CW E5 Crossover Nylon strings Acoustic Electric guitar
SGD 2,900.00
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