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Conde Hermanos - Felipe Conde Conde Classic Guitars Felipe Conde Classic Cocobolo Special Glossy
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Conde Hermanos (Felipe Conde) 98th Anniversary, hand made of Spain with rich tradition of guitar making from centuries ago, full hand-made guitar with all solid gorgeous woods made of Cocobolo back/side, high grade of Cedar top, ebony fretboard.
A brand new hand-made classic guitar, directly imported from Felipe Conde' workshop
Send your inquiry to [email protected] if you are interested to know our order waiting time slot. The above picture was the images taken from the past guitar shipment, there will be no identical Cocobolo grains, each guitar has it's unique wood grains, complexion, and tonal voices.
Unlike the standard model, this guitar easily catch attention of any guitar aficionados both in sound output and the gorgeous looks. Luthier Guitar hand picked this piece directly from Felipe' December 2012 winter collection. Felipe keep a few of rare Cocobolo wood materials all with exotic grains, dark red color in general with contrasting streak of black curvy linings. We are very pleased to have priviledged to have this guitar from the master luthier, Mr. Felipe himself.
The origin of Central America, dalbergia retusa is within the family of Rosewood (Dalbergia), this is one of a kind red rosewood which many guitarist adore the beauty & it's smell. It has similar wood particle density (sometime is higher) than the Brazilian Rosewood. Due to it's beauty & highly suitable for music instrument materials, the demands have been consistently exceeding the supply which are limited & continuously shrinkage in the Central America region. Cocobolo has been targetted to the next genus under CITES protection, Cocobolo's price has been steadily increasing especially the piece with excellent wood grains like in this guitar.
Please observe the guitar's back picture, you will see Mr. Felipe had nicely fitted a book-match gorgeous piece of Cocobolo, similar to a pair of butterfly' wings. The darker & the more exotic the striking grains of Cocobolo means the older the tree which provides high density materials for guitar's back & sides, so not only the gorgeous looks but it is assurance of the finest classic guitar. Yes it is true.
no sagging or no pocketing, this is a rare piece of perfect red cedar that acoustically fit into the requirements of any high-end guitars. In the talented hands of Felipe, the red cedar top produces high resonant trebles as crisp as spruce material while maintain the warmth & thunderous low bass timbre, thus a dream comes true guitar for anyone serious in classic guitar music. You may see the inner view of cedar bracing picture which explains how delicate is the guitar's design / architecture. Specially crafted bridge plate under-neath bridge area, gradually (super) thinner toward the last treble brace but it does not cross the last small treble brace All 6 + 2 braces are quarter-sawned and generously scalloped shapes toward both ends meaning a guarantee of lighter top. The end-result, player will feel effortless to play as every single note effortlessly being amplified with full energy ratio from the inner chamber toward the sound hole. We are happy to share these hi res pictures for your viewing and please arrange for test drive this guitar to witness yourself our review about this guitar.
The first traits that set Felipe guitar apart from the rest is it's trebles which have uniform intensity as if the guitar's top effortlessly responding to any high frets / all strings position wth the same indepth intensity. Those are a guarantee features which allow season classical guitarist without any hesitant express the music as much as he wish for.  This guitar has asymetrical bracing structure with nicely scalloped shapes and quarter sawn braces. The top is light enough to response to all kind of high frequency. Two trebles braces and 3 bass braces and the middle braces crossing the mid section of underneath bridge' plate. The light top design apparently works to favour of high intensity of high trebles frequency.
The transversal brace that makes up asymetrical design apparently works well to produce a balance guitar, enough low bass frequency punch with precise notes and clear pitch seperation in the middle frequency and superb sustain in overall frequency.
Overall verdict of this special Cocobolo guitar : guitar is very responsive, players feel more in control with the guitar as easy to play with and delivers truly balance sound accross different frequency output.
Luthier Guitar Centre is Felipe Conde's authorize dealer.  We stock-up this guitar as & when there is supply of the nice Cocobolo materials. If you are interested, please email us at [email protected]
Ph: +65 67330400 / 64666835
Model no Classic Guitar 
Series Cocobolo Special
Color variant Natural 
Top Solid Cedar (natural light tangerine) 
Back/side Red Cocobolo exotic grains 
Cutaway/Full body Full 
Finish HG (High Gloss)
F-board wood
No of frets
Position marks
Tap Plate/Golpador None
Head machines Schaller with Ivory buttons 
Rosette Specially designed with gorgeous wooden mosaic inlays
Body binding Rosewood, double yellow linings, gorgeous top wood mosaic inlays binding (see the picture in macro modes) 
Nut & Saddle Bone
Est. Weight incl packing (Kg)  
Est. Weight incl packing (Kg)  
  • Extreemly rare Red Cocobolo wood grains with striking black grains
  • Elegant light tangerine natural Cedar top
  • It is well known as an easy to play with and delivers powerfull and balance tones across frets / strings
  • Good for performance and practices
Conde Hermanos - Felipe Conde Conde Classic Guitars , Felipe Conde Classic Cocobolo Special , Glossy , Natural
Felipe Conde Classic Cocobolo Special
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