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Luthier Classical Guitars Alto Guitar Luthier Alto 1B for MOE school Guitars Ensemble Solid Rosewood Cutaway Gloss
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Luthier Alto Guitar, primera modelo  B (1B) is one of October 2012 Launched Alto guitar for all solid Indian Rosewood hand-made alto cut-away guitar. Incl a deluxe hard-case
Nov 2012 is the 10th Anniversary of Luthier Guitar Centre, together with the launching of our new Acoustic Guitars release, we proudly present the high end Alto model 1B in complement with the existing Alto model 1A.
Alto 1B is one of our new flag-ship alto guitar with standard Niibori cutaway body, the back / side made of Select Solid Indian Rosewood, Select high grade of Solid Cedar Top and Ebony fretboard with excellent fretting work. It is a high quality Alto guitar at reasonable price-tag, . This model's cut-away follow the standard Niibori Alto 's cut-away style as it is easier to manufacture, nut to saddle = 535mm, good quality gold head machine with enhanced & lighter fans bracing tone woods to ensure quality of resonance & sustain. The all solid Indian Rosewood in back & sides produces a solid back & side construction. The firmer the cavity of resonance, the higher the push energy factor (longitudinal acoustic waves) amplification out of the sound hole.

The select solid cedar top has the best parallel, evenly & straight grains. Over the time, those high grades of all solid woods promise more season sound over the years to come. With these enhanced the all solid woodes material & improve architecture than it's predecessor Alto 2A, this alto guitar is ready to take on any ensemble performancess. The top' wood grades & the fans bracing quality & pattern is an instrumental ingredients which shapes the overall tonal guitar quality, the top resonance patterns against multiple frequencies spectrum & the richness of it's harmonics in conjunction to the Transversal acoustic wave propagation from the bridge up to sound-hole output.
With the quarter sawn scallop bracings and Ramirez-like fan bracing style in this small size alto guitar will ensure the alto guitar's soundboard (top) resonate well with the designated pitches of every frequency. Note : the Ramirez's design have a Transfersal bar which allow the treble fan bracing to resonate swiftly against every high frequency fret positions. The a symmetrical fan bracing in this template allow the mid & bass to produce more powerful sounds. The Alto 1B is designed for B pitch tuning on 1st string or 7 semi-notes higher than ordinary prime guitars. As such, the scalloped bracings positioning & length are adapted to response those special frequency pitches.
Physically, the Alto Guitars may looks like a half-size (520 mm)  guitars but the Nut to Saddle length is set at 535 mm. It is not the same with either the half-size prime guitar or the Requinto guitars which have 545 mm length. Overall playability of this model is superb due to the Neck Shape, well polished Ebony Fretboard & precise fretting works and correctly low action in general. We always use cow bone nut and saddle for this standard.

Regarding the strings, a good alto guitar with wrong strings will not produce the ringing alto tones, we take care seriously this aspect too. We recommend to use Hannabach 836 ALTO strings set made-in Germany. Hannabach' founder, Mr. Werner Hannabach knew excatly what it takes to make the correct strings to response Alto pitches, so after much of research, he came up with those special diameter & materials to ensure Alto guitarist will not feel overly tight tension and produce vibrant & lively tones especially with the trebles. It is also wrong to assume that Requinto strings can be used for Alto guitars as Requinto's pitches are 6 semi notes above the prime guitar, hence carry different string dimension as well.
Overall assessment, we position this model 1B as your Ultimate choice of the best Alto guitars available in the today market with reasonable price and it is suitable for performing instruments & competition like the SYF (Singapore Youth Festival) judging.
Luthier Guitar Centre is the "Luthier" brand owner, we provide our customers full local warranty & support to ensure your instruments performing at the peak condition
Model no Alto 1B (primera modelo B)
Series Luthier Classic Ensemble Series, Solid Indian Rosewood
Color variant Natural Cedar
Top Solid Cedar
Back/side Solid Indian Rosewood (Dalbergia Latifolia)
Cutaway/Full body Cutaway
Finish HG (High Gloss)
F-board wood
No of frets
Position marks
Tap Plate/Golpador None
Head machines Gold Chrome
Body binding Rosewood with Yellow linings
Nut & Saddle Cow Bone
Est. Weight incl packing (Kg) 1.4 kg  (light weight), excl. case
  • Alto model 1B is the flag-ship alto guitar after 10 years of Luthier Guitar continuing quality improvement
Luthier Classical Guitars Alto Guitar , Luthier Alto 1B for MOE school Guitars Ensemble Solid Rosewood , Cutaway Gloss , Natural
Luthier Alto 1B for MOE school Guitars Ensemble Solid Rosewood
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