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Larrivee USA Guitars 10 Custom Shop Series LV10E45thZR Larrivee ZIRICOTE Custom Shop guitar ZiricoteGlossy
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The Larrivee Custom Shop, LV10E45thZR with ANTHEM
The Larrivee LV10E45thZR, ANTHEM is one of Custom Shop guitar, with the Exotic Woods Series, ZR = ZiRicote selected from Jean’s reserved woods for collectible guitars. This model is only available (limited edition) at the request of our client’s advance order.
Status : SOLD-OUT on the next day upon arrival (you can pre-order the similar guitar)
Booking condition : upon order confirmation, the approximate delivery time is 9 – 11 weeks
Price : QTO (Quote To Order). This is a custom shop guitar, so the price may vary as according to your specific request.

The guitar’s design

The overall design is based on the famous & sold-out LV-10E 45th Anniversary of Jean Larrivee's signature hand-made guitar, the special edition.
The guitar’s exotic wood materials
Top : Solid Sitka Spruce (from the reserve collection of Jean)
Back/side : Solid Ziricote or Cordia (Genus name / family) Dodecandra (Species name that refers to Central America or Mexico as the native habitat of this tree).
The Neck : specially chosen grain of the Honduras Mahogany with excellent finish quality
The Fretboard & Bridge : very evenly black African Ebony (the highest density wood)
About Ziricote (Cordia Dodecandra)
Ziricote is a perfect choice for acoustic guitars back & side, the striking & contrast grains have made it as the favourite choice of guitar collectors. The Ziricote is not belong to the genus Rosewood family, instead the Cordia is a genus of flowering plants in the borage family, Boraginaceae. The Dodecandra species (Ziricote) normally grow in mostly warmer regions in the Central American, mostly in Mexico. The species have dark brown tone in general with beautiful striking contrast grains figure, light & dark brown colours with some dark grey linings, when cut as book-match back, it is the kind of grains that is highly demanded.
Scientific name
: Cordia Dodecandra
Native habitat
: Mostly in Mexico or Central America region and the land areas are rapidly shrinking due to rampant/illegal logging in the past decades for furniture industry. Recently the Ziricote is classified as rare & exotic woods and the price has been shoot up expensively and normally it is used for high grade musical instruments like collectible acoustic guitars.
The Color & grains
: The color is generally ranges from a light to very dark-brown with striking dark grey/black linings, some has yellowish grains area too. Darker black contrast streaks are common on this species, and can produce a grain figure like different “clowdy-landscape” which tremendously enhance the guitar’s looks & value. The Grains is usually very sharp in contrast, with a uniform medium-fine pores. Overall looks is one of a kind beautiful wood suitable for a high end guitar back/side.
The availability & raw material price
: Ziricote supply is very limited at present time, only residual stockpiles of individual reserve wood blanks are available at very high prices.
Other specification
• The “Torch” inlays at head stock is made off high grade abalone/white pearl inlays designed by Wendy Larrivee
• The finger-board marks inlays & the bridge’s wing inlays are specially designed for the 45th anniversary guitar that matched with the Torch head-inlays
• L.R. Baggs ANTHEM with small remote controller behind the sound hole is chosen for this no-cut-body collectible guitar.
• Follow the high standard of LV-10E architecture with enhance feature of reserve woods top quality
• Special Honduras Mahogany Neck & Ebony Fretboard that are chosen from the best & tight pores with flawless finish
• Bones end-pins strings with abalone dots
• Top grade Flame Mapple bindings
• Top grade of abalone purflings at top perimeter side & rosette
• The special designed Label which is signed by Jean Larrivee
• "Custom Shop chop" high quality status next to the Serial Number on the inner side of neck joint view
This collectible guitar is one of the best Larrivee guitars available at present time and probably the best hand-crafted with the best sound guitar in the market

Please book your order now
or sent your special request / questions to : [email protected] We want to hear your comments too !
About the L.R BAGGS ANTHEM preamp unit
A good acoustic guitars demand for the best amplification system.
This revolutionary new amplification system features the patent pending Tru-Mic microphone technology. The mic is mounted to the bridge plate inside of the guitar to capture the majority of the guitar's true voice in a way that only a microphone is capable of - plus it is amazingly feedback resistant. Our Element Under Saddle Pickup carries only the lowest frequencies for punch and authority.
A sound hole mounted controller has volume, mix and phase controls with a battery check feature so you can always be sure of your battery at any gig.
Now you can plug in, crank it and sound more real than you ever thought possible.
Luthier Guitar Centre is the official distributor of Larrivee Guitars in Singapore. Luthier Guitar & Larrivee factory is working to register all S/N with void warranty status due to parallel importer’s business conduct acts.
As the official distributor of Larrivee with legal business registration & guitar shops establishment to back up our commitment, we have the right to grant you as the first hand owner status. We are brick & mortar guitars shops that you can count on.

Beware of Parallel importers who want to earn quick money taking ride from our effort & success on marketing the Larrivee guitars. Please consult with Luthier Guitar if you are unsure about disadvantages buying guitars from individual parallel importer with "hide & seek" business model. We will advise you on those guitars with black listed S/N. It is not worth to take risk & buy excellent guitars from parallel importers. You will miss the chance to be in the inner circle of Larrivee fans which is fun. The parallel importers who brought guitars from USA guitar shops are not recognize entities by the Larrivee's factory, hence they are selling second hand guitars with void warranty status and zero access to original spare-parts. There is another disadvantage situation that those parallel imported guitars were made in the USA factory with different climate setting (than Singapore as the destination country) during the production time (glue types, humidity settings). Those parallel imported guitars typically may face more challenging situation in the wet climate of Singapore in the long run.
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Model no LV10E45thZR with ANTHEM, no cut body 
Color variant Natural 
Top Reserved wood of solid Sitka Spruce 
Back/side Reserved wood of ZIRICOTE 
Cutaway/Full body Cutaway, no cut body for internal Anthem tru-mic beneath the bridge & element under saddle's pick-up 
Finish HG (High Gloss)

Battery check indicator
The Vol/Tone Controller are behind sound hole
Under saddle Element PickUp
Tru Mic (patented Anthem microphone) Anthem installed underneath the Bridge

Battery pocket
Output Jack 1/4" jack
F-board wood
No of frets
Position marks
African Ebony with "Torch" Abalone / WhitePearl fret-marks inlays and a pair of Wings Bridge inlays to match the Head's "Torch" inlays
Head machines Special Edition Jean Larrivee Company (JLC) gold engraved Schaller head machines, 18:1 ratio 
Body binding Custom Request : AAA Flame Mapple bindings 
Nut & Saddle Cow Bone
Est. Weight incl packing (Kg)  
  • Our Larrivee fans has grabbed this rare guitar in the next day of the arrival date without any delay
  • Here is the client's comment : "a perfectly hand-crafted guitar, absolutely flawless, probably the best sound guitars available in the market with perfectly mirror like finish .... at much cheaper cost than other American branded acoustic guitars"
  • Note from Luthier Guitar : this client is one of the guitar collector aficionado, has been comparing every single top guitar brands for many years
Larrivee USA Guitars 10 Custom Shop Series , LV10E45thZR Larrivee ZIRICOTE Custom Shop guitar , ZiricoteGlossy , Natural
LV10E45thZR Larrivee ZIRICOTE Custom Shop guitar
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