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Alhambra (Spain) Guitars Pepe-Toldo (PT) Sound Reflector Series (new) LR5A Alhambra PT Sound Reflector High Gloss
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Alhambra Model : LR5A (solid German Spruce top), with PT SOUND REFLECTOR (most popular model since 14th April 2012)

STOCK : just sold out
The 16th batch arrival, in collaboration with Pepe Toldo (patent) Sound-Ports/Reflector, Solid Cedar top, Laminated P=Palosanto / Indian Rosewood Back and Side, with ebony ebony fretboard & new green, red mosaic rosette, new head-stock, this guitar set higher benchmark standard per 14 April 2012 (1st batch arrival) & continues to dominate this market segment until now .....still top seller model, the sound is … awesome.

Hear the sound enhancement of LR5 Pepe Toldo compare to the ordinary 5P, right here :
or click the below url link :
Please check the sample recording of 5P Pepe Toldo edition, the workmanship, quality of new sound & excellent set-up are the best value for money guitar at this range. Song title : Cavatina (The Deer Hunter) solo guitar using 5P PT (LR5)


THIS IS MODEL IS AVAILABLE AGAIN NOW, the last 14 shipments track record, all was sold out in the 1st to 3rd weeks after it's arrival date. We take care our guitar stock carefully and maintain to keep high turn-over inventory level to ensure you will get FRESH guitars at any time of purchase date. You can test drive this new stock & secure one for you or your loved one. We have limited qty stock on-hand after minus sold stock quantity per today.

Please see in our news & archive section about our interview & audition with Pepe Toldo while he was visiting Luthier Guitar on 2 April 2013.
Pepe apparently after testing these PT guitars convinced that Alhambra successfully re-produced his proprietary 6 sound reflectors method into the models of Alhambra Pepe Toldo series.

*** The LR5A PT Sound Reflector is HOT & highly in demand ***


Pepe Toldo’s patented sound-ports / reflector :
Useful other url resources references : – Pepe Toldo’s the art of guitars
Pepe Toldo in YouTube about his spirit & innovation in guitars

The model LR5A PT. SOUND REFLECTOR Series was launched on 14th April 2012 in Luthier Guitar shops, Singapore. This model is a combined traditional Alhambra style and enhanced it with patented Sound Reflector by Pepe-Toldo luthier. With PT Sound Reflector at upper side position, this model offers direct acoustic sound reflector pointing toward the player. The sound hole at upper side consist of multiple parallel stripes holes which effectively redirect every single player’s finger plucking tones for natural acoustic feedback during practice or recording. These important feature eliminates completely hesitation over the sound-system feedback quality if you are performing with amplification system and provides you with greater control over tone coloring that reshape the music.

Practising with PT. SOUND REFLECTOR guitar may enhances your tone producing quality as our ears will clearly capture every single timbre differences against different plucking technique & nail’ shape relative to your fingers tips. The innovation of Alhambra PT Sound Reflector delivers new landscape that the normal guitar unable to deliver to and traditionally only pleasing the audience more than for the player’s feedback benefits.

The PT SOUND REFLECTOR impact are described below.
The Alhambra guitars are traditionally well known of it’s power & projection/trajectory capability, the PT Sound Reflector performs as balancing the all 6 string’s projecting power. My test analyses, proved the result with PT Sound Reflector enhance wider dynamic range, richer harmonic especially on trebles part, longer sustain & pitch clarity while reducing the excessive mellow tone traditionally exist in Spanish guitars.

The LR5 PT REFLECTOR SERIES physical traits
High quality workmanship & world class gloss finish, it’s upper side Sound Reflector holes are optimally positioned toward the player and that is my first impression on LR5 PT with higher rosewood quality than the lower model.
Now comes with enhanced quality gold chrome machine heads for more refine tuning quality, new rosette, new head style, a truly new spirit of the Alhambra. This guitar has a semi-D shape neck, with very smooth gloss neck finish adds my comfort feeling that yes it is a decent made guitar, you shall agree with me to treasure good feeling when your left hand hold the neck. The neck thickness is 22mm and nut width = 52.4 mm (although Alhambra’s catalog said 50mm, but we measured it many times none of them have 50mm !!, even the Senorita nut width = 51.35mm), the strings spacing = 42.4mm. The rosette with green/reddish gothic mosaic ornaments, a gorgeous looking one !

Who is Alhambra ?
Manufacturas Alhambra was founded in 1965 from an original small guitar workshop located in the town. From the very beginning it was always our policy to combine the highest standard of craftsmanship with the latest advancements in technology to produce the finest quality instruments.
We have given special priority to our research department where all ideas and projects are developed. Manned by highly qualified staff, it has enabled us to produce the top models for our range which today is considered second to none. Finally, with the coordination of our production director and our specialized craftsman, The results of these investigations are applied to our basic guitars.
Although modern technology is an important part of our production technique, all our instruments are built in the traditional Spanish way
The reward for our endeavors is the acknowledgement that Alhambra guitars enjoy worldwide reputation of outstanding guitars quality
Before purchase please read the Alhambra Warranty term & condition (click below) :

Luthier Guitar is Alhambra distributor in Singapore
Our goals is to present every single Alhambra guitars in fresh condition when you purchase it from our guitar shops. We pay premium express air forwarder (direct flight), store it at correct temperature & humidity while settling down with the local climate perfectly. When buying a correct Spain Classic guitars, price is not the only consideration, you shall equally curious to know if the guitar you are about to purchase are in 'fresh & at peak condition' at your hand. Selectively we restring the guitars stock when we see deems necessity. Alhambra use D'Addario classic nylon strings as the standard, at certain music types you can experience different tonal characteristic by altering the strings with different materials, such as carbon fiber clear strings, titanium, carbon composite, etc ... which are available in different brands in our both outlets like Sevilla, Savarez, Hannabach brands.
NOTE : NEW ARRIVAL 2013 STRINGS which fit into this guitar :
We have them all in both outlets
Model no 5PA PT SOUND REFLECTOR (April 2012 launched & continues as the top model at this price range in the world) 
Series Pepe Toldo (Patented) Sound Reflector Series 
Color variant Natural Gloss 
Top Solid German Spruce 
Back/side Laminated Dalbergia Latifolia (Indian Rosewood from Kerala rain forest, India) 
Cutaway/Full body Full body with Sound Holes Reflectors at upper side body 
Finish HG (High Gloss)
F-board wood
No of frets
Position marks
Tap Plate/Golpador None (You can add non-adhesive Kling-On anti scratch for guitar top protector) , please asked for it from our shop assistant
Head machines The New Alhambra Gold Chrome no: 2 head machines 
Body binding Rosewood both sides 
Nut & Saddle Bone
Est. Weight encl packing (Kg) 1.4 Kg
Est. Weight incl hard case & carton packing (Kg) 6.5 Kg to 7 Kg 
  • Oh my God, my ears hear much clearly with the Sound Reflector stripes holes pointing toward my face, every single detail plucking notes are exposed individually with no exception.
  • The best model for practice daily, especially those who want to work-out & refining your plucking technique & enhance sound quality out of your finger’s works
  • The German Spruce top have clear & sharp straight grains capable to deliver crunchy, clear with rich of harmonic / ringing tones
  • It is a different league guitar, one of a kind, if you budget can reach of this level, please DO NOT hesitate to invest on this model, it will stay for very long time with you (serious classic guitar students), I promise.
Alhambra (Spain) Guitars Pepe-Toldo (PT) Sound Reflector Series (new) , LR5A Alhambra PT Sound Reflector , High Gloss , Natural
LR5A Alhambra PT Sound Reflector
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