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Azahar (Spain) Guitars All Solid Wood Series 132 Azahar Flamenco all solid wood guitar Glossy
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AZAHAR model 132 is the all solid woods FLAMENCO guitar series
AZAHAR Guitarras Artesanas is 100% Spain hand-made guitar maker with full traditional Spanish guitar methods. Based in Valencia, Spain - the heart of the classical & flamenco guitar luthiers, the team of Azahar Artesanas have been practising in 4 decades time in building guitars that conform into the alliance of Spain guitar makers association.
Hear El Nuovo Dia using Azahar 132 flamenco solo guitar :
Model 132, Profesional Flamenco guitar specification.
Professional Andalusian gipsy guitars made of the best of solid Cypress wood quality, the higher grade of solid Spruce top, Ebony Fretboard with precise frettings, Ebony neck insert to ensure it's integrity in the long run, special Rosette design, Full body bindings & nice purfling, specially select Cedar Neck, all bone saddle & nut.
Some of the model 132's distinguish characteristics :
  • Very light weight flamenco guitar, it is the lightest among other top brands
  • The thinnest neck, semi-D shape that is very easy to handle
  • The ebony fretboard comes with perfect & precise fretting allow you play fast with reasonably clear & crisp flamenco attack tones. Good fretting is compulsory when you dream to have high quality flamenco guitars otherwise poor fretting will expell more buzzing sound at low action than the actual much needed attack tones
  • Availabe with full golpeador clear tap protector
Flamenco model 132 sound traits,
  • trebles are very crisp, clear & light instead of dark timbre tones which allow you to mimic the flamenco sing on the melody
  • mid tones are punchy to articulate lower mid melody that is much required when you express the Seguriyas, Bulerias melodic gypsy sombre songs
  • bass are explosive but short, loud & pulsative, attack in nature, short sustain to ensure rapid thumb percussive exression can be articulated clearly as according to the flamenco dance.
  • this model 132 is a complete opposite of typical classic guitar sound which is a perfect expression for flamenco rythm
Availability : in-stock at the best low action set-up, perfect condition.
Strings : Hannabach Buleria / Flamenco Pro / Flamenco Black Nylon available in multiple tensions (low / mid / high).
Luthier Guitar is the Azahar guitarras artesanas & Hannabach Flamenco series exclusive dealer in Singapore
Model no 132
Series The All Solid Woods of Flamenco Series
Color variant Natural Glossy
Top Solid Spruce
Back/side Solid Cypress
Cutaway/Full body Full Body
Finish HG (High Gloss)
F-board wood
No of frets
Position marks
Ebony / 19
Tap Plate/Golpador Full size golpeador tap plate
Head machines Gold Chrome deluxe tuning machines
Body binding Yes, multiple bindings & deluxe purfling 
Nut & Saddle Bone
Est. Weight (Kg) 2 kg
  • When you are looking for the best traditional hand-built Andalusian Gypsy Flamenco guitar, I voted to Azahar Model 132 all solid woods as the chosen one
  • Azahar artesanas has the most crispy, light, punchy attack gypsy tones required for the flamenco tradition
Azahar (Spain) Guitars All Solid Wood Series , 132 Azahar Flamenco all solid wood guitar , Glossy , Natural
132 Azahar Flamenco all solid wood guitar
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