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Azahar (Spain) Guitars Solid Top Flamenco Series 131 Azahar Flamenco Solid top Guitar Flamenco spruce top cypress bs
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Azahar model 131 Flamenco Cypress back/side guitar, with s spruce top, neck is mahogany, rosewood fretboard, with rosette sound hole, double binding of rosewood.
Sound Characteristic :
Model 131 is similar to 130 but with spruce top, it is another popular flamenco guitar in Azahar ranges. The lightest weight among other Spain hand-crafted guitars which benefit the players in kind of full tonal resonance, truly andalusian flamenco guitar tones.
Hand made of Spain with traditional guitar makers by Azahar Artesanas which only employ approx. 14 Spaniard head-counts in their small workshop is not a typical big guitar factory. Every guitars comes with the Spaniard soul as everyone of them play Flamenco guitars which represents its luthier way of guitar building tradition.  Our clients who decided to buy the Azahar guitars are clients who understand this differences & somehow feel tired of China made guitars which do not deliver the correct soul of the Spaniard Flamenco folk song music, yet selling at the same price tags. There are many guitar makers around the world who claim can make Flamenco guitar yet none of those factories have even one person capable to test the passion of flamenco guitarist. The Azahar guitar is the artesanas, they are not a big factory commodity makers, completely different approach. If those are your criteria, this is your choice.
Short attack sound, short impulsive but powerfull bass tones, mellow middle tones that ready to deliver the sombre Seguiriyas with extra clarity & light on trebles that delivers the correct Allegrias, Farruca tap dance melody.
Overall Verdict
At this price tag, 100 % hand build by Azahar Artesanas small workshop of luthiers, this model could be the best & safest choice for young learner Flamenco guitars.
The writer is challenging anyone who may want to contest to bring other brands for the same selling price tag with Azahar 131, bring it & we will do open benchmark until we professionally say we are defeated.
The Flamenco Strings
It is compulsory to understand that Flamenco strings although similar to normal classic nylon strings but they are specifically suit only for Flamenco tonal. Luthier Guitar is the Azahar guitars distributor and several good quality Flamenco strings distributor of D'Addario Black Flamenco Nylon, Hannabach Bullerias, Hannabach Flamenco sets, Sevilla strings set.
Model no 131
Series Solid Top Flamenco Series
Color variant Natural
Top Solid German Spruce
Back/side Cypress
Cutaway/Full body Full Body
Finish HG (High Gloss)
F-board wood
No of frets
Position marks
Rosewood /19
Tap Plate/Golpador None
Head machines Chrome
Body binding None
Nut & Saddle Bone
Est. Weight incl packing (Kg) 2
  • The safest choice you got the correct voice to speak out your passion in Flamenco music & rhythm
Azahar (Spain) Guitars Solid Top Flamenco Series , 131 Azahar Flamenco Solid top Guitar , Flamenco spruce top cypress bs , Natural Glossy
131 Azahar Flamenco Solid top Guitar
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